How I came to a home based business in Internet Marketing!

After my time in the Navy, I began my professional career as an Investment Advisor. This was an industry that had always intrigued me, and I worked extremely hard to achieve all of the regulatory licenses and investment knowledge that would allow me to be of great value to my clients.

This was a career that I believed would provide the lifestyle that my family and I desired. Everything was going great for the first couple of years, and then the stock market meltdown and economic collapse occurred in 2008. Due to these extreme economic conditions, I was asked to take a cut in pay. Although this was better than the alternative of losing my job, this deeply affected our finances. My wife and I had just purchased a house, and we had a new addition to the family on the way. Nearly two years went by, and even though the markets and the overall economic conditions began to show signs of significant improvement, I was still earning a smaller paycheck, with no signs of being returned to my original salary.

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